The Area

Makvärket is situated in a fantastic natural area where the sky’s the limit. We share the area and have a friendly relationship with our neighbours who live very close by. It means a lot to us that we keep a good relationship with our neighbours. So when we throw open our doors for a festival such as this, it’s really important that everyone taking part respects our neighbours’ privacy.

This means, that it by no means is allowed to move the party over into private gardens, private roads etc. There will be signs up, hopefully removing any doubt about where you can and can’t go. You’ll also get a map when you arrive so you can see where the partying arena is – and where it definitely isn’t.

Similarly, Makvärket has private woods on many sides. As luck would have it, the stag hunting season starts right in the middle of our festival so entry into the forest is not permitted. There’ll quite simply be gunpowder, bullets and hunters lurking behind every bush and on every trail. So to leave them in peace and avoid unfortunate human/bullet-related incidents you’re asked to resist the urge to explore the forest.