This is an association-party.

The ticket includes one year of membership of Makvärket, for the fair price of 50 kr. As a member you are a part of Makvärket, and you can join the fun of developing this experimentarium and culturecenter, and witness it being realised.

It is even possible to become a support-member! Contributions from supporters is used to cover the daily expenses of Makvärkets facilities. The goal is to establish a common ownership, where all daily expenses are covered by support-members. By that we wish that the facilities and the voluntary forces can be used more on culture and environmental work, and less on finding money. We hope that a lot of you can see the exciting perspective in this. If that is the case, we encourage you to make a monthly transfer. We welcome and thank all of you. If you can’t afford it, maybe your parents can? =)

It makes a gigantic difference!

Account number for support contributions: 8401 1129719