How to get there?


Alight at Knabstrup St. and follow the route on the map out to Makvärket. It’s a delightful 20-minute walk through a beautiful landscape that you can take while you think about how happy we are you chose to take public transport.


If you’re coming by car, you should park in the designated parking area marked on the map. There will also be signs when you arrive at the parking spot, after which you’ll have the chance to enjoy part of the same walk as those arriving by train. We’ve chosen to keep cars away from Makvärket during the weekend as they take up space, make noise and add little to the party atmosphere. We have made a google-doc where you can share your ride to find empty seats or people for your empty seats.


Just pull on up to the door, park that bad boy and jump right on in, grinning smugly to yourself knowing you used all of zero petrol getting here.

We encourage all participants to either come by public transport or by bike. We think it’s better for the environment, atmosphere, and with it our common well-being. Eyebrows will not be raised, however, if for one reason or another you need to come by car.