During the festival there’ll be delicious food, drinks and snacks cascading in your general direction from out of our kitchen and additional foodtrucks. Everything will be vegan or vegetarian.

Included with your ticket you’ll receive:

Friday: Dinner from 18-20:00

Saturday: Brunch from 10-12:00 and dinner from 16-20:00

Sunday: Brunch from 10-12:00 and dinner from 16-20:00

You’ll also have the possibility to purchase an additional meal in between the brunch and dinner. The bar will be open of course, where you’ll not least be able to buy Makvärket’s own homemade apple juice alongside a wealth of other delicious beverages.

We encourage you not to bring your own food or drink as these are some of Makvärket’s only ways to raise money during the festival. Makvärket is in need of making a return, therefore we kindly appreciate your support during the festival. We will keep the prices reasonable. If you have small children that require special food or the like, you’re of course welcome to bring it with you. There will also be an extra kitchen available to cook food for your children.