The Festival

Makvärket, as idea and project, has been existing for about 10 years. The festival will be a 3-day cultural celebration of the project and place. From Friday afternoon to Sunday night (its pentecost so Monday is a holiday). We try to show the full potential of the factory, which means:

2 stages with full programs of concerts, circus, theater, poetry, storytelling, performances, dance, workshops and much more.

Interactive and imaginationexpanding art installations all around the factory – some more secret than others. You will have the possibility to explore and be a part of a broad variation of peculiar inventions.

Being part of a community. Its an association party, for members of Makvärket. A part of the ticket is a membership. You will be camping around the factory, eating delicious food from the kitchen, hanging out in the different spectacular cozy lounges, drink juices in one bar and cocktails in another, just by your very excistens and partaking you will be narrating this fairytale along with the rest of us as one big colourful CommUnity.

We welcome you to this very special event. It only takes place once in a while, because we don’t make it just as a annual tradition, we make it because we want to create something extraordinary to remember, and that takes some years to prepare.

Looking extremely forward to create something very special with you. <3

About Makvärket

Makvärket is a cultural and environmental collective in progress: a growing, self-organised, voluntary community of people working practically and theoretically for the increasingly necessary cultural, social, environmental and economic transformation of society.

Since 2008, the Makvärket association has been engaged in developing 2,000m2 of the former Knabstrup Teglværk, an old ceramics factory in Knabstrup, 70km west of Copenhagen, into a centre for culture and ecology.

The association provides a formal structure as well as a background network for Makvärket’s activities. It is there to form an overall collective vision of our work, the structure we can hang our ideas and dreams upon. Makvärket would like to become an open collective of 50-100 people, who will utilise it as a place for both short- and long-term projects.

So far, we have converted part of the old factory into a multipurpose hall for circus practice, theatre, concerts and more. Other spaces include a community kitchen, wood and metal workshop, art space and a trading post for sustainable and recycled construction materials.

We envision a place for sustainable development and ecological awareness, artistic and cultural events, educational and environmental outreach programs, art and music production, information and media networking,  community service projects, activist group meetings and much more.